SRS Maxi 60 Acoustic Building Board

Maxiboard for sound attenuation (60 minutes fire resistance)

SRS Maxi 60

Maxiboard is a high-performance acoustic composite building-board designed for use within buildings, and Maxi 60 can be used to meet the sound-insulation performance requirements of Part 'E' of the Building Regulations for separating structures. 


  • Meets Building Regulations Approve Document E (2003)
  • Quickly and easily installed
  • Can be used to form enclosures and independent structures
  • Can take screws and nails direct
  • Extremely durable
  • Minimal thickness - only 17mm thick

Unlike conventional materials, Maxiboard is a patented composite board manufactured from cement and gypsum, with a polymeric core. The composite building board produced offers excellent sound insulation performane, and is a very strong, high-impact resistant board, suitable for taking screws and fixings direct. 


Technical Specifications