Acoustic and Cold Storage Doors

Commercial Connections Ltd supplies a range of acoustic and thermal doors, movable walls, folding partitions, accordion and concertina walls, providing a solution for acoustic performance requirements, as well as space dividing designs with an an aesthetic finish.

  • SAFE Door Thermax Hinged Door

    Cold storage and fire proof hinged door solution.

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  • SAFE Door Thermasec Sectional Door

    Thermally insulating sectional door.

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  • SAFE Door Thermaslide Sliding Door

    Efficient sliding door for cold storage.

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  • SAFE Door Thermaster Roll-up Door

    Roll-up door for thermal isolation.

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  • SAFE Door Thermaspeed Roll-up Door

    High speed, durable door for cold storage.

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  • SAFE Soundslide Sliding Door

    Sliding acoustic door solution for industry and commerce.

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  • SAFE Soundlift Vertical Door

    Vertical sliding door for industrial and commercial noise reduction.

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  • SAFE Soundroll Vertical Door

    Rolling shutter door solution for access ways.

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