Soundsorba Bafflesorba

Lightweight acoustic sound absorbing baffles

Soundsorba BafflesorbaSoundsorba BafflesorbaSoundsorba BafflesorbaSoundsorba Bafflesorba

Bafflesorba provides a a lightweight, high performance acoustic solution. The baffles are suspended from the ceiling, permitting the use of the ceiling space for multiple applications, or allowing natural light, while helping to soundproof the room.


  • Free of synthetic and natual mineral fibre, halogens and CFCs
  • Optimal noise reduction
  • Excellent sound absorption values over a wide range of frequencies
  • High degree of light reflectivity
  • High degree of thermal resistance
  • Low weight volume
  • High degree of resistance to ageing

The visually interesting design of Bafflesorba provides an aesthetic design finish to a project, without compromising on acoustic performance.