Room Acoustics

We supply products that help to reduce echo and sound reverberation in your room or space, improving sound quality, and helping to create a more pleasant environment to work or live in.

  • Soundsorba Wallsorba Acoustic Panels

    Sound absorbing wall panels - reduction of noise reverberation and echo

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  • Silente Horizon™

    Acoustic office divider.

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  • Eomac Topline

    Wood veneer acoustic panels.

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  • Silente Press™

    Suspended acoustic panel system.

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  • Soundhush Stik-Fix

    Self adhesive foam base core acoustic panels.

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  • Soundsorba Quietsorba Ecopaint

    High performance Class A sound absorbing panels for walls and ceilings

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  • Silente Blind™

    Acoustic office panels.

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  • Topperfo Perforated Acoustic Panels

    High quality perforated acoustic panels

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