Soundproofing Ceilings

Domestic soundproofing for ceilings.

Maxi 60 Acoustic Building BoardAcoustic dropped ceiling system.

How to improve the sound insulation performance of a ceiling

Sound insulation performance can be dramatically improved with the use of Maxiboard. High performance can be achieved with Maxiboard, whilst minimising the loss of room height.

Implementing Maxiboard

If you have a timber joisted floor construction where the ceiling has been removed, we recommend Max 60 Ceiling. This consists of 100mm thick Maxi Slab in between the joists, Maxi resilient bars at 300mm centres perpendicular to the joists, a layer of Maxiboard and a layer of 12.5mm fire-rated plasterboard.

Maxi 60 offers maximum acoustic performance whilst keeping the loss of room height low. Maxi 60 Ceiling is fully compliant with Part E of the Building Regulations and offers a 60 minute fire rating.

For timber joisted floor constructions where the ceiling is to be retained, we recommend Maxi Dropped Ceiling. This is similar to Maxi 60 Ceiling, with the addition of 50x50mm timber battens to the ceiling prior to the installation of the resilient bars.

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